The Best Z87 Gaming Motherboard Gamers Recommend

Despite the huge downturn in the industry today and the rapid switch from PC’s to consoles, the PC gaming market has continued to grow. This is also probably the same reason we have seen a rise in the number of gaming-oriented motherboards. Such boards are similar to the basic ones, but they are often endowed with better electrical components and peripherals all at a higher price to match.

Well, the MSI Z87-GD65  differs from any other gaming motherboard. Yes, it does have a Killer NIC, fancy components and even the Creative-enhanced integrated audio, but it goes less $200 asking price that is much lower than the typical gaming boards that go for a higher price. Spending less cash on a gaming motherboard makes sense since most of us spend more on a powerful graphics card.

The competition is higher than ever before and so, the MSI Z87-GD65 needs more than conceptual soundness to make it stand out. Luckily, the MSI Z87 has a lot of firmware updates in addition to the new tweaking software. Here is what the msi-z87-gd65-gaming-motherboard stacks up.


This motherboard simply offers you the ideal gaming weapons at hand:

It offers you clear sound with MSI Audio Boost, which helps you enjoy music and sound effects in games by giving you the highest audio quality. It has the lowest lag with Killer E2200 which is a platform created for maximum networking for streaming high-quality media and online gaming. It also packs a gaming device port, Click Bios 4 & OC Genie, great graphics with VGA Boost and it is optimized for multiple graphics cards. Not to mention that it supports DDR3 3000 memory for fast performance.

With such performance, there would be not need to overclock since it runs quite flawlessly. The Z87 is nothing short of remarkable and if you build your gaming PC with it, you will realize that this motherboard and is BIOS is really, a breeze.


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